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When you travel with Cuba Explorer, you’re never alone in a foreign country. We’ve got your back the whole time. We live here, and you’re our honored guest while in Cuba. You witness Cuba through the eyes of Cubans.

Our Cuba tours are affordable – here’s why

Many U.S. travel companies charge more for a week in Cuba – just 90 miles from Florida – than an all-inclusive trip to Europe or Asia. That’s not fair.

When you book Cuba travel with Cuba Explorer, you enjoy low prices resulting from our long-time good standing in Cuba. We’ve been sending Americans to Cuba legally since 1997.

Now that all Americans can visit Cuba easily and legally, we want them to be able to afford to do so.Every American deserves to experience amazing Cuba economically, while it remains pristine and untainted.

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We are confident you will discover we provide higher quality tours and services at a much lower price than our U.S. competitors.

While it is simple to travel to Cuba, costs for regular Americans remains prohibitive. We’ve solved this problem.

Paying a lot more doesn’t mean better services

As the largest Cuba tour provider for Americans, we refine our itineraries and services weekly based on feedback from our returning tour guests – ensuring your Cuba experience is dynamic. We don’t do cookie cutter tours.

All U.S. travel agencies use the same Cuban government tour companies we do to bring you quality hotels, restaurants, guides, transportation, and activities.

Our U.S. competitors pay the same costs for island services as we do. But most charge hundreds more for similar programs with fewer features.

We want everyone to witness Cuba

We stick up for regular Americans for whom travel to a foreign land is a rare treat.

We were in 1997 with a singular objective: promote understanding and friendship between Americans and Cubans by offering rich cultural encounters.

Our mission remains unchanged. Proceeds from our humanitarian travel project are used to restore Old Havana and improve the lives of its inhabitants.

Shop and compare before you buy a Cuba tour

When planning a trip to Cuba, do your homework. It doesn’t take long, it’s fun, and you’ll learn a lot. Google ‘Cuba tours’ and review the results.

Still unsure? Contact us. We’ll gladly discuss your concerns and provide you with references from among our thousands of happy travelers every year.